Eton International School


 EtonInternationalSchool is a multicultural pre-school. In Eaton, the child to the mother tongue of Chinese or English language learns for teachers. In the early contact with the process of growing, cultural diversity to children, broad-minded and confident.

Eaton is committed to creating a fun, safe and caring learning environment. In Eaton, all children are equal, bold self-confidence of teachers to encourage them to communicate, care partner, care for the environment.


Eaton's curriculum to children as the center. Children in the Eaton can learn the practical experience of enlightenment. We encourage them to plan, discuss and correct evaluation of their homework, to support each child up to their potential.



Address: Jingning Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu 610 048
Tel: 028-8477 7888
Fax: 028-8477 7889