Guangya IB International School

Guangya IB International School admits students at all year levels and warmly welcomes applications by all families. 

Guangya IB International School seeks to enroll a student body that is diverse in its ethnic, national and socio-economic composition and prepared to take on the demands of a rigorous and multifaceted academic program in two languages - English and Chinese (Mandarin).


This is a new school dedicated to preparing most of the students for study abroad. Teachers, both foreign and Chinese, have also studied abroad and are aware of what is needed for success in universities in English-speaking nations. The mission is guiding students to be honesty, universal love, diligence and bravery, also to place as many of our students as possible in the best universities abroad.



Add: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Dujiangyan City, 611833

Tel :028-87224737, 87224909

Fax :028-87224781