Chengdu First People's Hospital


 Chengdu First People's Hospital is one of Integrative therefore characterized by large modern general hospital. The hospital was founded in 1942. In 1985, was named superior of Integrative Medicine Hospital of Chengdu. In February 2002 by the Chengdu Municipal Committee, the municipal government approved the establishment of the Chengdu Chinese Medicine Group, the hospital merged with the Chinese medicine hospital in Chengdu, as the Group's main hospital. Hospital Chunxi Road and Red Road is divided into two parts. In the Red Road, Southwest has enjoyed the reputation of the "Chengdu Surgeons Museum". There are 600 beds, more than 60 million annual outpatient services, inpatient nearly ten thousands of people.


Telephone: 028-82000120

Emergency Phone : 028-85313526

Address: North Road, Chengdu Hi-tech Southern District Vientiane 18

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