Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital



Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, located in the western suburbs of the historical and cultural city of Chengdu, formerly established in 1941 by former National Central University Medical School affiliated hospitals, in 1952 named by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government in Sichuan Province People's Hospital, 1989years as state hospitals of 1991, the Red Cross hospital in Sichuan Province by hanging cards, approved in 2002 the provincial government of Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital to form Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences. Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital.In recent years, the hospital with "the people's health service" for the purpose, adhere to the socialist direction of running the hospitals, to build the domestic first-class clinical research hospital for the development of goals, and vigorously promote the reform and technological innovation, hospital construction has made rapid development, asset of clinical, medical research, graduate education, science and technology industry development for the integration of medical science and clinical medical technology center. Won the national civilized units, the National Health System advanced group (twice), the National PARK&SHOP hospital campus cultural unit, the Hospital of Sichuan Province and many other Top Ten honors.




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