West China Hospital

 The hospital covers an area of 46.7 hectares, owns 400,000 square meters of building for clinical use, while its fixed assets arrives at 3.0 billion RMB. The hospital has 4300 beds, which ranks the first in China and the percentage of clinical usage reaches over 100%. In 2008 the Outpatient Department treated 2.55 million patients, while the number of the discharged patients is 0.123 million, 63,000 of whom are operation cases.

Medical Service

There are 4300 beds, 36 clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments in West China Hospital of Sichuan University. With the purpose of doing good care and excellent service for the patients, the hospital sets up the Senior Experts Consulting Center, 200 special clinics and walk-in clinic without rest at weekend and noon. In order to meet the several needs of public, the hospital also sets up Community Health Center, Medical Center for Tibet public and Golden Card Hospital.

Medical Equipment

There are 4 MRI, 4 Spiral CT, ECT, Electric Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Several kinds of Endoscopies, Radio Frequency Aberration, Linear Accelerator, Automated biochemical analyzer, Colour Doppler, advanced monitoring system for ICU, PRK, X knife stereotactic radio therapy, Cellular knife therapy series in the hospital. The total value of medical equipment costs almost 5000 million RMB.


Medical Service Level


With sophisticated medical technology, the comprehensive medical service of the hospital is at a national leader level. Such as combined traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment of serve acute pancreatitis, renal transplantation for treatment of severe renal diseases artificial joint-replacement, clinical application of tissue engineering, rectus excavatum, child’s urologic diseases, cellular knife therapy for Parkinson’s disease, Nuclear medical treatment for hyperthyroidism with 131-I, bone cancer with 153-Sm., treatment of diabetes, viral hepatitis,  schizophrenia and depression, the diagnosis of clinical laboratory, imaging of CT, MRI. The diagnosis replica bell ross watches and treatment of several ten special clinics and nearly one hundred diseases have reached high leading levels domestically and, some of which have reached international advanced level.


 Address:No.37,Guoxue Alley,Chengdu,Sichuan Province,China
Telephone Exchange:+86-028-85422114
Emergency Phone:+86-028-85422286,85553329