Real estate name: Waterfront
Address:Shunjiang Road 81# , JinJiang District .
Unit:1 bedroom--5bedrooms


City: Chengdu                                                                                             Chengdu: Waterfront

District: Jinjiang District.                                                                           Type: Apartments


The Waterfront offers residents a lifestyle of unrivalled luxury. A dream home that sits on the bank of the Fu Nan River, it commands breathtaking views of the city skyline on one side, and the historic Wang Jiang Garden and the river on the other. Designed by a team of international best replica watches talents, the Waterfront features six sleek 30-storey towers and world-class facilities within a posh resort setting. Auspiciously located at 81 shun Jiang Road, The Waterfront will be a prestigious new landmark on the rapidly changing Chengdu landscape and the premier residential address of the city. 


Housing Options:

1/2 bedroom – 72-104 sq.m.                     

3 bedrooms – 122-147 sq.m.

4 bedrooms – 170sq.m

4/5 bedrooms– 212-264sq.m.

5 bedrooms– 307-330sq.m.


 Facilities in the compound:Indoor Swimming Pool, Outdoor Swimming pool, Gym, Sandy beach, Golf putting, Basketball court, Café, Club House,


Within 5 minutes from the compound: Sichuan University, Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Banks, Bars, Supermarkets



Management - RMB 2.05/month/sqm                                   Water - RMB 2.4/Ton

Electricity - RMB 0.55/kwh                                               Gas - RMB 2.3/cb

Parking - RMB 400/month


Internet - Average Utility Usage (1 Person)

Water (50 RMB/month)                                                   Gas (50 RMB/month),

Electricity (400 RMB/month),                                         Internet (60-120 RMB/month)


T:(86)28 6687 0687 Rental:RMB 15000/month

25F 210Sqm

T:(86)28 6687 0687 Rental:CNY12000

17F 186 Sqm

Catherine 86-28-66870687 Rental:CNY5500/month

8F 106 Sqm

T:(86)28 6687 0687 Rental:RMB4500

7F 128 Sqm